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Going on six years, we are doing our part to change the lives of the kids who reside in the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. With $200 being the goal again this year, we’re looking to continue to improve the lives of those children that much more. HOWEVER, with a new year comes a new challenge. If we are able to raise $1000 total, we will be putting on streams all week long (the week of November 2nd) AND a full fledged 24 hour live stream from November 2nd to November 3rd. Remember, we’ve got all year to do this so let’s make 2019 the best year it can be. And if you guys need a little more incentive to reach that $1000 mark, there might be something extra we can throw into the mix that might just peak your interest. But we’ll see about this first. Click on the link to the right and make your donations now and thank you so much for your help.