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SONY Playstation Meeting 2016


For the third year in a row I am doing my part to change the lives of the kids who reside in the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center here in Albany NY. I’m not going to be going too in depth to all of this because I will be making a vlog with a little bit more of an explanation. However I will say this, even though we didn’t reach our goal of $200 last year, the goal remains the same. $200 is all I ask and I think we can do it this year. I’ve started the donations with $25 to get things rolling and now it’s time to do your part. Let’s start the year off strong, let’s start it off right. Click on the link to the right and make your donations now and thank you so much for your help. I know it’ll mean a lot to the kids.
If you’re looking to get a hold of me with any specific questions or concerns, you can contact me at [email protected]


Hey guys and gals. This is just a new widget from NASA that they’ve so lovingly provided for us website owners to place on our pages in case any of you guys would like to know when you can actually see the ISS in the night sky. Being an astronomy buff, naturally I had to have it. If you’d like to know when and where you can see the ISS, click the “Sign Up” link in the widget and put your city in.


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